Aw 19

Kimono created with a particular DNA, an asymmetric creation. Black, dark, but lifted up by a colorful sleeve. A traditional Japanese garnement. Full of symbolisms: combat sports, elegance from its silk.

Here recreated in a singular way because of its two textures, matt and shiny. Sporty, mysterious. And most of all, the straps which reminds security, but also can be used to tie something. An enigmatic creation. Inspired by the arborescent way of thinking of its creator. An Alien shape, arms too long, considered » weird « ? How people often used to view the creator. People don’t really get her so she makes creations like her. Not easy to grasp. Why the straps? Something we don’t really use. Something that is not useful in this context. Here but not hiding the body, here, but not helping the natural movement of the hand. I wanted to disturb the mind of the beholder, wondering why. Without explanation. Maybe explaining everything kills the creativity of the mind. Not everything has to be logical at the end, art need math, but art is not always mathematically explained.

Photographers: TeopicalGR – Lau_de_rose
Model: Naomie


Second Kimono inspired by the Black one. Still keeping this asymetrical DNA. Weird, not easy to grasp. Everything that makes it unique.

Photographers: David- Thibault
Model: Naomi